SUNDAY – JUNE 12th, 2016 — “Music Videos!”

Hey Crew! Lets also not forget that I edited two more music videos for Wiz and one for Snoop (not only my hero but a motha’ fuckin LEGEND) !



SUNDAY – JUNE 12th, 2016 — “Alotta Catching Up to do…”

Hey Crew! Its been yet another few months since I have jumped on here and updated you! (being the terrible host that I am) … I guess my only defense is that at least I rather be out creating the content and not being able to keep you updated then being able to update with no new or exciting content! As you already may know I have been editing a lot for Wiz now here are all the episodes that I have edited for his show DAY TODAY:



SATURDAY – APRIL 2nd, 2016 — “Wiz Khalifa”

Hey Crew! Very Excited to announce that I have recently been able to edit some work for mister Blow it by the O himself, my favorite, Wiz Khalifa. So far I have edited a Day Today and a Music Video for him with much more to come… check it out below!



Hey Crew! I am so EXCITED and proud to announce the WORLD PREMIERE of a SHORT FILM written by Ismael Lotz and Directed by Him and Myself! The short film also stars us and a very talented Frederik Hamel! It was a pleasure working on this and look for more content like this to come! – CC #FILM #STREETCINEMA



SATURDAY – JANUARY 23rd, 2016 — ” Website Update and New Raven Felix video”

Hey Crew! As you can tell we just updated the website! Look forward to lots more cool content coming! I’ve been busy working on stuff for you! I’m excited to share! Check out the home page for some new videos I just put up but for now enjoy this new Raven Felix video about her song with Wiz Khalifa “All On You”. See if you can spot my buddy DJ Bonics! 


TUESDAY – DECEMBER 29th, 2015 — “Moonrise Festival 2015 AfterMovie”

Hey Crew! I am so excited to announce the release of my first official music festival after movie! Its for this awesome festival in Baltimore Maryland called “Moonrise” and boy is it incredible. They have some of the world’s greatest DJ’s play there, this year they had Big Gigantic, Infected Mushroom, Bassnecter, Porter Robinson, Above and Beyond, Snails, and many many more! The sound mix was also made by Kayzo! Check it out!


TUESDAY – DECEMBER 15th, 2015 — “The Paradox Tour 2016”

Hey Crew! I had the honor to recently work with one of my favorite artists EXCISION, here is the video I shot and edited for his upcoming tour along with my buddy Vince.


WEDNESDAY – NOVEMBER 21st, 2015 — ” Hotline Blasé “

Hey Crew! Everyone has been having tons of fun with Drake and so I wanted to get in on the action. Here is an re-edit I did of his video to a different song: Blasé Blasé



Hey Crew! I just put out a new video for my new web series called “Chris Cordova Presents” In this web-series
I feature new and emerging artists. My good friend Michael Haight is the first one!